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Contributions are welcome, however ensure you have read and accepted the guidelines and terms.

Contribution Agreement

By submitting a pull request you agree to these terms:

  • You own the full rights to the contribution before submitting
  • You accept your contributions will be submitted under the licenses shown in the LICENSE.txt file
  • You grant the project owner (Leo Spratt / @enchant97) non-exclusive, transferable and irrevocable right to sub-license, distribute and sell the contributions


These guidelines mostly target general contributions, certain project maintainers may be granted extra permissions.

  • You accept the terms of the contribution agreement (shown above)
  • Changes must target the “pre” branch, do not target ‘main’
  • Suggestions for new projects, may not be accepted
  • Text must be in English UK/US
  • Example implementations ideally be cross platform (amd64, arm64)
  • Example implementations should have comments
  • Keep code readable, well formatted, etc
  • Follow directory naming scheme
  • Code must work
  • Don’t commit system files (e.g. node_modules)
  • Contributions must be suitable for all ages (no NSFW content allowed)
  • Making grammar, spelling and other minor changes will not get your name listed in the credits or entitle you to add yourself as the author of any projects/example solutions, although these fixes are greatly appreciated

New Project

  • Use the “new-proj” script to create a new project. This will create a markdown file and create the implementation folder. Running this script with no arguments will output the usage guide
  • Keep your document in draft mode until it’s been marked as completed
  • Ensure all sections are completed and there is at least one example implementation
  • If your project gets merged your name will be added in the contributors list

Editing A Project

  • Ensure changes make sense
  • Overall project requirements should not be changed, unless it has been approved

Build Requirements

  • Hugo >= V0.100.0 extended
  • Make
  • Bash
  • Installed Theme: make install-theme


Make is used to allow certain tools/programs to be quickly used.

Get available commands by running:

make help

To aid the creation of new projects a script is provided:

./new-proj <name>